At T. D. Farrell Construction, Inc. there are various career paths to pursue depending upon the strengths and desires of each employee. For instance, a Project Manager could start out as an Assistant PM, an Assistant Estimator or a Superintendent. From Project Manager, an employee can advance to Senior Project Manager and then Director or even one of the Officers of the company.

We need strong leadership in all departments at T. D. Farrell Construction, Inc. There are opportunities to start and grow in the field, estimating, project management, accounting, administration, IT and beyond. An individual’s career path is driven by the individual and the company deciding together what is best for both.


At T. D. Farrell Construction, Inc., the emphasis is on improving at everything we do. Therefore, our company sponsors opportunities for continuing education, seminars and additional activities by which employees can improve themselves. We also put an emphasis on granting opportunities to our employees in order to further their careers with us.

It is the policy of our company to promote from within whenever possible.


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