Click to enlargeKeeping a retail store open during a remodel takes careful planning and execution. No matter what, customer convenience and safety are non-negotiable priorities. Home Depot knew that a job with such stringent conditions required the absolute best. That's why Home Depot called on T.D. Farrell.

In approximately eight months, T.D. Farrell performed a complete store remodel for an Atlanta area Home Depot, including adding approximately 45,000 square feet of sales space to the existing store - all while the store remained opened.

The first step for T.D. Farrell was to create a customized 14-phase plan for Home Depot which focused on such crucial elements as protecting phased construction areas to ensure complete safety for customers, Home Depot personnel, and construction crews; utilizing multiple construction shifts to maintain store operations with minimal disruptions; and regular schedule coordination planning with Home Depot personnel, to create a seamless flow of communications.

T.D. Farrell's plan also addressed the remodel of a new site entrance, and the repair of the Home Depot parking lot while maintaining adequate parking spaces for customers.

The result of this strategy and meticulous planning was customer satisfaction, with work completed safely, to-design, and on-time. Store operations were smoothly maintained throughout the process, and the phased work plan was executed with precision.

Create a plan. Communicate well. Follow through. These guiding principles assure T.D. Farrell success, and the repeat business we receive from each of our clients.

Click to enlargeT.D. Farrell means business. We understand how critical it is for a customer to maintain comprehensive operations while experiencing a remodel. K-Mart recruited T.D. Farrell to handle the demolition and remodel of a portion of their one-million plus square foot distribution center in Lawrence, Kansas because they knew that, while doing our work, we'd allow them to do theirs.

That meant creating temporary traffic routes and trailer parking to achieve optimum operations during demolition; creating new entrance and exit gates and routes; constructing a new pavement area of approximately 40 acres, and parking for an additional 450 trailers. T.D. Farrell also oversaw the demolition of a portion of the existing building, and the remodel of the exterior wall and 68 truck docks. Interior renovations included an overhaul of the electrical and fire protection system, enabling installation of a new conveyor system for the distribution center.

K-Mart also knew that, when it comes to meeting critical deadlines, T.D. Farrell delivers. So, an accelerated four-month construction schedule was created to ensure that the work would be completed by the necessary date. T.D. Farrell also created a phased work plan that helped our team stay in flawless communication with K-Mart's operational staff, loss prevention team, and maintenance staff.

Four months later, T.D. Farrell completed the work as promised: on-time, safely, and to-design. The phased work plan gave the K-Mart team a sense of comfort and confidence in every step of the project, and the talents of T.D. Farrell allowed K-Mart to maintain their high level of operations during the demolition and remodel without interruption or impediment.

At T.D. Farrell, we mean business, and that means taking care of your business. We stake our reputation on it, because we know how much your reputation means to you.

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